About Us

By continuous exploration and testing of new areas of application of the technology of materials that have luminous properties in the dark, we are continuously launching innovative products!


Consistently maintaining a rigorous quality control system. Rest assured that all our products meet international environmental standards. To this end, our company permanently offers to its customers from all over the world, products with lighting properties that are compatible with the use of economical lighting sources, thereby helping save energy resources and fight global warming effect.

Our History


We launched new products
(3D Mural Wall Art brand)


We became a supplier to Graham&Brown after a 6 month audit.
We opened our second production facility.


We launched new products (Glass Wall Art Brand)
We listed our product on Amazon and we started to sell online in both Europe and US


Upgrade Production
We extended our production facility and the production capacity. We purchased new printing equipment.


We launched new products
(wallpaper, wall lamps …)


Startonight obtains 1 million euro nonrefundable financing from EU
We presented our concept to the international exhibitions: Serbia, Bulgary


The Impact on Environment Study confirms the ecological character of the products
We presented our concept to the international exhibitions: Greece, France, Rumania


The Startonight concept products awarded at the “Construct Expo Ambient” fair
We have presented our concept to the international exhibitions: Spain, Italy, Hungary, Turkey. We have listed our products(Canvas Wall Art brand) to the DIY international shops


Startonight is established
The humble beginning.

An old legend says that the souls that leave the Earth go to heaven and turn into stars.
The brighter souls are the brightest are stars.