Home Grunge

$ 79.90

Home Grunge Wood Wall Art, 5 Stars Gift 19.69 X 19.69 Inch Startonight Outdoor

  • Wood art for interior and exterior use( minimum 8 years in any outside environment).
  • Energy saving – Ecolight technology. We use Douglas treated wood for outside protection.
  • Glows up to 8 hours in the dark. Luminous properties guaranted for unlimited charging recycles.
  • Special gift (free of charge) offered for any purchase. From Love Collection.
  • Wide selection, Great quality, Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee. Ready to hang.



Home Grunge Wood Wall Art, 5 Stars Gift 19.69 X 19.69 Inch Startonight Outdoor

Based on our highly appreciated Eco-Light technology the Startonight Dual View Wood Wall Art are brilliantly colored printings, with the unique property of glowing in the dark. In the presence of any source of light (natural – from the Sun or artificial – from light bulbs), only 30 minutes would be enough for a Startonight painting to be fully charged with luminous energy. Then, when evening comes and it gets dark, it will radiate a warm and discreet light which will allow you to enjoy your magic painting late in the night. IMPORTANT: The luminous material is ecological, does not contain phosphorus, is not radioactive and does not harm the health, neither the environment. All Startonight luminous wood wall art are made of solid wood (Douglas wood) treated to resiste more then 8 years in any condition (inside or outside). Ideal for clubs, pubs, residential but can be use also in your backyard.

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